Do you have Hidden Strategy Conflicts?

A mismatch between two diametrically opposed strategic paths puts your strategy at risk. For example if you are trying to develop a product for an end user that wants something and you find out that it makes it nearly impossible for you to sell one of your other products what do you do? You always have the option of obsoleting one of your products, but is there a better way to still capture both revenue streams?

So recently I was talking to Benjamin Mosior at Unica Labs about the Theory of Constraints(TOC). It sounds very analytical and too complicated to actually use in everyday life, but it’s actually really actionable!

The basics are that you:

  1. Make a flow chart
  2. Put your two conflicting strategies in boxes
  3. Find the deeper underlying motivation between them
  4. Then look at the assumptions behind each strategy
  5. Decide if each assumption is valid or if there is some other way to look at the strategic assumption

Then VoilĂ ! You can clearly see if there is a way to mitigate the strategy conflict or build a new approach.

Bringing this back to the practical realm:

If one product makes the other useless, then create two different brands and sell to different market segments.

See this Article!

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